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Family Fun at Easter

April 2014

Easter is such a special part of the Spring season. Children get so excited about coloring eggs and chocolate bunnies, and there's no harm in that. But Easter is also one of our holiest days in many parts of the world. This season allots great opportunities to teach children the real reason we celebrate. It's all because Jesus did emerge from the tomb; it was empty! Death could not hold Him. And it cannot hold anyone who professes to be a Christian. Children deserve to hear the truth. In fact, knowing about His resurrection, and why it was a gift of love given to all of us, will most likely make them feel more secure. Attend an Easter service, sing a song of celebration, look at the egg as representing new life. Have lots of family fun at Easter. 

Luke 24:6 NIV He is not here; He has risen!


Tender Shoots

February 2014

February brings with it thoughts of love. Valentine's Day and gifts of cards, flowers, and chocolates are bought in abundance to show affection to those we love. It's beautiful but might there more to love; more than the gifts? The short answer is, "Yes." Let's take a lesson from nature. Tender young shoots of daffodils and crocus have begun to emerge from the soil. Buds line the Star Magnolia tree awaiting their turn to open. We watch and wait while the sun and rain do their part.

What would happen if we looked upon our family members as tender shoots? Would we be more gentle and patient? Would we nurture their growth rather than force them to bloom? If so, I imagine they'd blossom in beautiful ways and we'd be all smiles.

1 Corinthians 13:4 NIV Love is patient and kind.     



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